Monday, August 23, 2010

Unofficial but Special

An unofficial but special visit

Last Sunday, 22th August, I had an unofficial but special visit to a Pho Quang Vietnamese temple in Marangarro where I met venerable Thich Phuoc Nhon. That day the Vietnamese community in Western Australia gathered together for their Ullumbana (Mother) day.

When I saw the temple from outside, then stepped into the temple complex, I had a feeling that this is a successful temple with its successful community. My friends and I enjoyed the beautiful and serene environment around
the temple.

The chanting was still going on, meanwhile my friends enjoyed their lunch in the temple, some generous people there warmly invited them to take part in their lunch. After the chanting, venerable Thich Phuoc Nhon came down and saw me, and we exchanged our greetings. He is such a kind, generous, friendly and easy going person. We introduced ourselves to each other. He has been in Australia for about 30 years, and he himself, with his dedication, built t
his wonderful temple. He told me about all his life stories and the temple. I admired the successes and achievements of his life, for hi
s community. I said to him that I'm also doing some kinds of community development program but not as big as he has. Then I explained about my Children's ordination project and scholarships for poor Buddhist children of my community in Bangladesh. I invited him to pay a visit to my community in Bangladesh. He accepted my invitation and said he might be able to do something for my community, and he wants to.

It was a wonderful experience for me. How wonderful, a successful and a disciplined community. There are some different traditional Buddhist communities in WA with their many supporters, but what are they doing, what have they achieved unti
l now for themselves. According to my experience they are divided into groups, para-groups, and finally they achieve nothing, more Akusala, more failures. What kind of Buddhism is that!

Venerable Thich Phuoc Nhon, his temple, and his successful life and achievements are like a role model for me. I wish I could achieve true Metta-Karuna-Mudita-Upekkha by doing services like him.
I thank him so much for his time.