Friday, November 6, 2009

Black Sunday is Darkening the Sasana

Dear Friends in Dhamma

Many things going on! I'm just observing the situation. Just worried about the innocent Buddhists, how are they dealing with the trauma!

Please, know and learn what is Attha Garudhamma, addopted by the Buddha-

Attha graudhamma is a Pure Buddhist Pali word. Attha+garu+dhamma, meanings eight-grave-rule(s).

according to the History of Buddhism, Atthagarudhamma was laid down by the the Buddha Himself.

What are they-

1. A nun who has been ordained (even) for a century must greet respectfully, rise up from her seat, salute with joined palms, do proper homage to a monk ordained but that day.

2. A nun must not spend the rains in a residence where is no monk (resides).

3. Every half month a nun should desire two things from the order of monk, (1) asking for the day of Uposatha (1) and coming for the observation (teaching, e,g).

4. After the rains a num "must" invite before both Orders respect of 3 matters, i. what was seen, ii. what was heard. iii. what was suspected.

5. A nun, offending against an important rule, must udergo Manatta or the discipline for half a month.

6. When, as a probitioner, she has trained in six rules for two years, she is worthy of seek for ordination.

7. A monk must not be abused or reviled in a way by a nun.

8. From to-day now-on the admonition of monks by nuns is forbidden, admonision of nuns by monks is not forbidden.

I hope to share you some more information about it, please, leave your comments. Thanks to all of you. Please, just stay calm.

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