Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hello Dear friends,

I am glad to be back with you. Yes, compared to other planets in this universe, this Earth is pretty small, and life after life we meet each other consciously or unconsciously.

This information is being forwarded to only some selected persons who earlier (or participated), expressed their interested in participating in a ONE DAY RETREAT program. Certainly we all have different heart-souls, and insightful personalities. I'm here with the news of another possible opportunity.

After every possible consideration I (we) have decided to hold our 3rd ONE DAY RETREAT, possible time and date is not decided yet, however the possible day will be the 3rd week of March, and yes, certainly on Sunday!

Two possible locations-

1. Sophia College Venue, Brunswick, about 2 hours drive south from Perth, a perfect place for retreat and with all facilities. It is a wonderful opportunity to spend a day a little far from the busy city life, and experiencing relaxing and insightful moments.

2. One of my friends has a beautiful house in Cotesloe, quiet, just next to the beach. Once she mentioned that she and her friends would love to join the retreat if possible, and would be happy to accommodate the group for the day, so kind of her.

What I m asking is if you are interested in participating in this retreat, and taking the wonderful opportunity. Please, let us know as early as possible. It will help us to organize the day well.

Hope to hear from you, and wish you every success and happiness in life!

With metta


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